Why Order Custom Coins Online from ChallengeCoins4Less

With satisfied clients including Marine Corps, army, coast guard, air force, navy and other organizations worldwide, ChallengeCoins4Less is highly committed to provide top quality challenge coins online. Our company offers affordable coins that are guaranteed to meet the expectations and requirements of our clients. Through advanced production equipment and skilled designers, we can always meet the unique needs and high expectations of our valued customers. If you need our help, we are just one click and one call away.

Challenge-CoinChallenge coins are designed metal coins with various style, shapes, and sizes. These are commonly given to people who performed for special achievement, excellence, and other worthy actions to recognize. Military coins are also essential in boosting morale, creating camaraderie, motivating, inspiring, and organizing special events as valuable remembrances. With many ways to utilize challenge coins, we continue to strive for excellence so that our clients will take advantage of high value coins offered in our site ChallengeCoins4Less.

Choosing the Right Coin Manufacturer Online

Widely used in the US, Australia, Germany, Britain, and Canada, military coins are excellent in symbolizing unit identity, fostering brotherhood and esprit de corps, remembering the fallen, commemorating deployments, and recognizing excellence. Other military units across the globe have begun to get used to this culture. With that, ChallengeCoins4Less is here to help you satisfy your coin design needs without the hassles of traditional manufacturing methods. So we are inviting you to visit our webpage and see how you can get your ideal challenge coins in a timely fashion.

The traditional coin check is actually the most common use of military coins even during the early days. The challenge simply consists of the challenge and the response. If a person initiates the coin check while at the bar, people who are present but cannot show their coin will be obliged to buy the drinks. However, if the people on that bar are able to show their coins, the initiator will be the one to buy them drinks. Sound fun isn’t it? This is the traditional way of using challenge coins before and until now; this is how it’s practiced.

The US Military isn’t known or the “touchy-feely” and there isn’t much head-patting or hugging in the units. The superiors actually don’t have the clout at all times when it comes to offering a serviceman promotion or raise. When members of the navy, army, coast guard, Marine Corps, or air force want to present appreciation, professional connection, sympathy, or love, they can always use these challenge coins. But don’t think that military coins are currency. These precious items are made to build recognition and reputation about a company, organization, or other related groups.

What Makes Us a Leading Challenge Coin Maker?

custom-coinsVarious units in the military department use and customize coins to specifically represent their names. When challenge coins are exchanged or given, these instantly serve as tokens of gratitude. They also symbolize deep connection and respect. Since they do not look like the regular coins used in buying goods, you can easily distinguish challenge coins. With larger sizes and unique designs, you can find the best coin to represent your company. Let ChallengeCoins4Less handle your requirements and get the top quality challenge coins you have been looking for.

Our coins look like ninja stars, chips and crowns with special style such as glow-in-the-dark or glitter paint. Some even have centers with built-in bottle opener or spin. In the military, coins are given and exchanged with traditional handshakes. In fact, the coin giver puts the coins in his hand while also reaching out for a handshake with the coin recipient. Although handshake is not a standard practice, coins are given to civilians with hand shaking. The remembrances it gives also help in reliving those moments shared with the coin giver.

Let us help you create the exact coin design you need through advanced production procedures, or professional coins designers and makers are skilled enough to provide you premium coins with ultimate value. We can include your logo, brand, or anything you want to incorporate in the coin. If you want custom designs, we are available to help you create the perfect outcomes you exactly want. Through the years, we have been successful in offering reliable and affordable solutions to meet specific budget limits.

The handy features of challenge coins make it more convenient to carry the symbol of your reputable company. If you have upcoming events where you have the opportunity to promote your brand, you can provide challenge coins as tokens. Dial our number today and know more about our coin manufacturing services.

Why Use www.patches4less.com?

embroidered patchesWith so many companies offering embroidered patches online, why should you use www.patches4less.com? What makes us stand out from our competitors? Here are some of the reasons why.

  •     You have control over the entire process. www.patches4less.com will work with you to ensure that you get the exact patch that you want. You can submit artwork or ask help from our in-house artists. They can even do the design for you based on the design elements that you want included on the patch. Once a design has been created, it will be submitted to you in digital format for approval or revisions before the patches are sewn. The artwork provided by our graphic artists is free and we will never charge you for artwork or revisions. We are dedicated to making the process as easy and even fun as possible for you.
  • We provide a wide range of customization options. We provide the first seven colors and a regular mirrored border for free. After that, we charge a nominal fee for additional customization, including special threads, backing options and a hot cut border.

    You can combine these options as you wish, with our artists overseeing the process to ensure that the final product reflects your design as closely as possible.

  •     We offer literally hundreds of thread colors. You can get exactly the type of color scheme you want on your patch. To get an idea of the thread colors available, you can view a color guide that shows twill and thread colors.
  •     We offer metallic or neon thread as a design option. If you want to make your patch stand out, you can add these threads to the design. They are available for a minimum additional charge.
  •     We provide an array of backing options. These days the traditional sew on backing is no longer the only choice available to you. You can also opt for iron on patches for quick application, tape backing that is easily removable as required, Velcro backing so that you can quickly put the patch on or off, as well as button loops so you can suspend the patch from a button or lapel pin. If you want a longer lasting patch you can choose a plastic backing that makes them firmer and keeps their shape longer.
  •     The hot cut edge option allows you to make distinctive looking patches. Now you are no longer limited to the traditional borders but you can create any edge that you want for your patch. Do you want a patch in the shape of a sun or a pineapple? Whatever shape you want your patch to be, we can do it for you.
  •     We offer affordable pricing. You can order as few as ten patches for as little as $7.88 per patch, and the more you order, the cheaper the patches will be. You can get a free quote by simply filling in the form at the www.patches4less.com site.
  •     You can get your patches within ten days. Once you have approved the order confirmation and the digital proof of your patch design, the manufacturing process will begin. For your convenience, the patches will be shipped to the address named, with free FedEx shipping within the US.
  •     We are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction by providing the best customer service. We provide a toll-free number that is open during office hours, Monday to Friday, which you can use to express concerns or other issues as well as providing constructive criticism. You can also get in touch with us through email. We promise to respond to your concerns in a timely manner.
  •     All patches are covered by a 100% quality guarantee. If any patches are sent which have defects in manufacturing or materials, they will be replaced for free.
  •     We offer free quotes. Just fill up the standard quote form with the specifications of the patch you want to order and we’ll provide you with a quote as quickly as possible.
  •     www.patches4less.com has hundreds of satisfied customers from all types of professional, academic and other organizations. You can view some of the patches they have created in the past from a gallery available on the site. You can also use the gallery to give you some ideas as to the design of your group’s patch.

PCBNet: A Short History Of Printed Circuit Boards

We could say that PCBNet would not be doing brisk business today if not for the work of engineers who developed the techniques and methods of present day printed circuit boards. The printed circuit board industry all began with the work of German inventor, Albert Hanson. In 1903, Hanson created the very first flat foil conductors that were laminated onto a board. He did so in multiple layers of boards. We could say they were the very first circuit boards that were the basis for PCBNet’s production of PCB’s today, with of course a few more modern variations in design.

A Short History Of Printed Circuit Boards Are :

In 1904, chemical plating of conductors on linen paper was spearheaded by no other than Thomas Edison. Then the print and etch method of circuit board production was patented by Arthur Berry ten years after. During the same time in the US, Max Schoop invented and received a patent for the flame spray method on metal on a patterned mask. A decade or so after, Charles Ducas followed through with another innovation. He introduced the method of electroplating circuit patterns, a technique that convinced people of the value of printed circuit boards for mass production.

PCB FabricationPaul Eisler, an Austrian engineer, was the very first inventor to have brought all of these innovative products and techniques together and produced the very first printed circuit board. He used it to create a functional radio set in England. The year was 1936. It will be a few more decades before PCBNet finally sets up shop as a producer and manufacturer of printed circuit boards.

When World War II broke in the 1940s, basic printed circuit board technology was produced in large volumes for the US military to be able to make proximity fuses. The US military was so impressed with the performance of the PCBs during the war that the invention was finally released by the US military for commercial use. In the 1950s, the auto assembly industry was the very first to use printed circuits boards in its development process. And ever since then the need for printed circuit boards only increased in demand so much so that companies such as PCBNet have been able to flourish.

Before PCBs became so popular though it was in competition against point to point construction, turret boards or wire wraps, and the Electronic Circuit Making Equipment or ECME which was invented by John Sargrove. Point to point construction was the method used for large scale production of electronic devices, while wire wraps and turret boards were for smaller scale requirements. Although between the two, the ECME method was the more efficient with the ability to produce, per minute, three radio boards. It involved spraying a Bakelite plastic board with metal.

As mentioned earlier the very first idea printed circuit board was used during World War II by the US Army. The need for PCBs arose because of the anti-aircraft proximity fuse. It required from the US Army produce in quantity electronic circuits that can hold up to being fired from inside a gun. A company called Globe Union was able to deliver a circuit board that met the set requirements. With the use of a ceramic plate it was screen printed with metallic paint when used as a conductor. For resistors, carbon material was screen printed on the plate. And the process was finished off by soldering subminiature vacuum tubes and ceramic disc capacitors onto to the plate.

Printed circuit boardsPrior to the invention of the very first spray painted printed circuit board by the Globe Union, all circuit boards had to have holes drilled into them so that electronic components could be attached using wire leads. Essentially, to assemble a printed circuit board wire leads had to be attached to all components and set aside. Then a solid circuit board had to be drilled with holes. After which, the electronic components with the wire leads were inserted into the holes of the circuit board and fixed with the wire leads. It was a very time consuming and expensive process. It was only a matter of time before a more innovative way of producing circuit boards was introduced.

Moe Abramson and Stanislaus Danko, both US Army engineers, created the Auto-Sembly process. It is an etching and board lamination technique which involved dip soldering copper foil interconnection patterns. This was the same patent that was used by the US military for their anti-aircraft proximity fuses. Ever since the invention of the Auto-Sembly process the production of circuit boards has evolved to such an extent where it is now more time and cost efficient. Not to mention the design is so streamlined and the electronic components so compact, that it is possible to make smaller circuit boards that are super functional.

The printed circuit board has gone a long way since its inception in the early 20th century. And PCBNet has benefitted much from its evolution and the innovations it has gone through though out the decades.

Custom Lanyards from Threads to Hooks

Lanyard comes from linier, a French word meaning strap. In history, this piece of cord has been used in the military. Pistol holders and whistles of soldiers are carried through wearing lanyard. They also used it in ships to hold their weapons in place. Braided lanyards can also denote ranks and achievements of officers. They are color coded and attached to a designated side of a soldier’s uniform.

Custom lanyards are trending in this generation. Now, these laces are still used by people to hold important items, but in a Custom Lanyardsfancier and more visually appealing manner. The corporate world has these lanyards as part of organizations because of their indispensable uses. Employees wear their IDs attached to these cords. Car owners do not need to worry about losing their car keys because they can use these to keep their keys in place. Event organizers can easily determine guests among their own staff just by checking these fabrics emblazoned with the event name or their logos. Identity is the best department taken care of by using these colorful adornments. People are identified and the message in their lanyards reaches the eyes of many. Thus, lanyards must be crafted skillfully so that the individuality they represent are conveyed correctly.

We are offering several types of custom lanyards. They vary aesthetically not only in design, but also in other aspects. Firstly, we have polyester lanyards that others also refer to as flat lanyards. They are comfortable to use and the design imprints are distinctively seen on the fabric. If you have budget considerations, we have tubular lanyards for your target amount. They Lanyards-hookare economically tube-stitched polyester twill fabric, similar with the process of crafting shoelaces. Woven lanyards are offered for the more elegant and classy types. Similar to embroidery, it is suggested for simple logos so that words can be seen and read with clarity.

Similar with silkscreen printing, nylon lanyards deliver smooth finish. High quality nylon is used to create these beautiful, shiny and smooth imprints. For a more durable and secure lanyard that can withstand various environments, we also have the dye sublimated lanyards in our belts. You will never worry on design chipping away nor fading because these are made to endure time. The latest additions are the cord lanyards. Messages, prints and design are visible and they are comfortable to wear.

Lanyards will never be complete without their better half, the attachments. They are also important because you can’t expect your lanyards to perform their functions without them. The variety of free and paid adornments we have range from key ring for key holders, swivel j, carabiner, oval, plastic and thumb hook for ID holders and cellphone loop for mobile devices. Optional accessories can be availed in addition to the standard attachments of each lanyard types. They may be metal or plastic depending on the requirement.

Individuals have different taste and style. Some like blue, some fancy yellow. Others like sturdy metal attachments, while a few favors plastic accessories. With everybody’s uniqueness, we are providing a builder that can be controlled by the clients for them to custom built their lanyards following their sense of fashion, aesthetics, color mixes and material choice.

They will guide us on how to create the best lanyard that will suit their needs. They will be delighted to choose the fabric, the color, each and every word of their hearts’ desire.

However, to assure that each of their choices can materialize in reality, we will set some limits as to our own capacity such as the minimum order, the number of color choices, the width and the length. Also, it is crucial to note that images may differ due to personal PC or monitor settings. For better color options, we have our full library of Pantone color swatches to guide clients.

Custom lanyards are not only fanciful and fashionable. It is crucial to craft them skillfully. We use high grade materials to assure that our creations can stand the test of time, being able to surpass quality standards. We use the latest advancements in technology to offer them one of a kind service. Color matching is for free so that the most suitable colors are to be used for the orders made. Our processes are tailored near perfection for us to meet customer demands and expectations in a timely manner. We give options that are plausible but extraordinary. With these, clients may ask free quotes, to see not just the prices of our work, but also dedication we like to offer for them to get the best of what they are willing to pay for.

Hiring The Best Motivational Speaker

Do you want your employees to accept changes in policies or attain new set of goals in your organization but don’t know how to go about it? You can do some research, learn to say the right things in the right manner or you can just hire a motivational speaker to do the job for you. Of course, you can do the job yourself but it would probably take a whole lot of your time in preparing for it. Such precious time could take you away from other important responsibilities that need your personal and undivided attention.

Thus,it would be far more productive if you could find someone who is exceptionally good at the specific subject matter you wish to convey to your organization, deliver it powerfully and make a home run with the audience.

Good SpeakerIn this highly innovative world, several companies who are offering their services in this field are proliferating in the industry. These companies have a line-up of downright fantastic resource speakers whose expertise in a specific subject matter you wish to be delivered is unquestionable. From introducing new concepts to changes in management policies or towards the achievement of a particular goal, these speakers can rightly deliver the message to their audience.

Some of these speakers are quite good while some others are outright awesome! They are awesome in the sense that they can energize and motivate the crowd with their speeches, with seemingly no effort at all.

If you want to deliver an idea to your colleagues in an organization and have them fully grasp its importance and apply its concepts in their respective work, you need to hire the services of a motivational speaker who is more than just a keynote speaker. He or she needs to have something more to be able to make a home run with the audience.

After all, motivation is just a fleeting feeling. Without implementation and consistency of the concepts introduced, that feeling of motivation can easily dissipate. There are several keynote speakers out there who can make you feel great just by listening to their speeches. However, would you still feel the same after days, weeks or months after such event?

Here in lays the difference between a mere good motivational speaker and an exceptional one.

A good speaker is someone who can motivate you and even make you feel good during and right after the speech. However, an exceptional speaker can make you feel the same, months and even years after listening to them. Their words, advices and the whole essence of their speech will seem to linger on in the recesses of your mind, even years after listening to them. Now, this is beyond the gift of being a good motivational speaker.

In this context, the speaker is actually like a life guru who, guide those who listen to them well, throughout their actions and quest in life. Now such attributes are only present in speakers who have actually lived it all and learned the real values and lessons in the life they have lived. Only those who bear personal witness to the difficulties and struggles that most people are dealing with, can know how difficult it is to overcome such hindrances and how it can still be possible to deal with it and attain success in the end.

Motivational SpeakerThus, in obtaining the service of a speaker, you should ensure that you only get to hire the best there is. Go for a motivational speakers company like us, whose track record can speak for its feats, is well-reputed and whose speakers are highly experienced on their chosen niche. You can be assured that all our resource speakers convey messages that contain values and concepts that can guide people in their work as well as in their life, in general. Our speakers all have inspiring stories to tell, arising from their own personal experiences and close encounters with others, from which people can gain lessons and guide them in their own struggle with life.

Our motivational speakers are downright entertaining, if not captivating, in the delivery of their speeches. You can be sure to have an energized and inspired audience during such speeches. Furthermore, these resource speakers have the gift of gab as well as inspiring people to go beyond their comfort zone. They just don’t motivate people for the time being. These speakers are actually able to inspire people to do what they should do, in order to attain success in the organization as well as in their life, in general.

So, why go for a motivational speaker who is good at what he or she does when you can hire someone who is fantastically awesome at inspiring, educating, entertaining and motivating people to do what they needed to do? Hire only the best motivational speakers there are in the field and that’s US.

Motivational speakers who have the ability, foundation, experience and flexibility to really be an impeccable fit for a wide range of sorts of commercial ventures and associations. Click here motivational-speaker-success website to know more information about motivational speaker.

Care and Maintenance for Golf Drivers

To truly make the most out of golf drivers, it is important that you keep them in a good condition for as long as possible. Constant use and exposure to the element does tend to weaken a golf club and limit its lifespan. However, deterioration can be held long enough for you to make full use of the clubs if you know how to keep the club in good shape. Below are a few care and maintenance tips that can considerably extend the lifespan (and usefulness) of a club.

Cleaning the Club Head

club cleaningAs the one that actually makes contact with the ball, it is important that the surface remains clean and even to always result in an accurate shot. As such, the club head will be the one that collects more dirt than all the other parts combined. Whether sleet, mud, dirt and grass, the club head will usually be riddled with so much dirt in one game and will be usually the first part of the golf drivers that deteriorates.

Make sure that you wipe off any dirt and grime from the head before and after every shot. For stubborn dirt, it is best to use warm water to remove every particle. It is not recommended to apply industrial-grade cleaners on the club head as it might dissolve the surface which ruins the head’s ability to control the ball mid-drive.

Shaft Care

Depending on the length, the shaft of golf drivers will determine how powerful your shot is and how accurate the ball’s trajectory will be. However, the shaft’s length is also a liability as it is prone to damages that will lead to breaking. For every few rounds, make sure that the shaft is free of dings, dents and nicks and clean them as regularly as possible.

Another thing to consider is the metal used in the shaft as they require different levels of maintenance. Being heavier and sturdier, steel shafts are quite easy to clean and maintain. Usually, a thorough towel rub will clean off any major dirt and steel wool can remove any sign of oxidization.

Golf drivers with graphite shafts, on the other hand, will require extensive cleaning as they are quite fragile. Do not use any solvent when cleaning the graphite shaft as it tends to break down the polyurethane layer, making the shaft weak and brittle. Instead, use a clean towel doused in warm water to remove any foreign particle. If severely damaged or worn down, have the graphite shaft replaced.


golf gripsAs the main contact point between the club head and the golfer, the grip of golf drivers must be comfortable to handle so at to make the experience smooth. Grips should be cleaned for at least once a month whether you are actively playing or not. When cleaning them, do not submerge them in water as this will lead to rusting. Instead, have them scrubbed with a brush to remove any dirt and then rinse off with warm water. If the grip starts to feel slippery or unwieldy on the hand, or is showing signs of cracks, the best solution is to have them replaced with a new one.


When not in use, a golf driver should be placed indoors in a cool and dry place. As always, have the drivers cleaned thoroughly from head to grip before storing them in a storage area. In extreme weather changes, make sure that the clubs are protected considerably from the elements to avoid rapid deterioration. This way, you can find them still usable when the weather permits for a game of golf.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMS): The Holy Grail of Bodybuilding

Not everyone has the vigor and the patience to start a routine. More importantly, how can people make time for the gym if they’re stuck in the office for most of the day? Supplements such as steroids may be one of your choices, but the best choice would be to buy SARMS.

What is SARMS?

A Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator or SARM is what you think it is – an androgen receptor modulator. If you take steroids, it will bind to an androgen receptor to trigger the muscle-building functions of your body. In SARMS, it does the same.

SARMSTheir difference lies in the after-effects of taking the supplement. For example, steroids can stimulate the occurrence of prostate cancer. Steroids can also cause balding or hair growth, depending on your body’s reaction to the hormone. Gynecomastia, or the growth of male breast, is also apparent in some cases. Inside your body, steroids harm the liver and the heart. With all these side-effects, most people would opt to buy SARMS instead.

What makes SARMS special? From the term “selective”, it only targets androgen receptors in specific muscle tissues. Therefore, it prevents majority of the side effects that a steroid brings.

Types of SARMS

Since SARMS is relatively new to the industry, a lot of types and forms of SARMS are being developed. There are two popular SARMS variants for bodybuilders: these are the Ostarine and Andarine.


Ostarine, also known as MK-2866, is specifically developed to treat muscle deterioration and osteoporosis. Based on animal and human studies of this drug, it is known to exhibit anabolic effects in the body. By anabolic, it means that it increases the rate of which muscle is built in the body. Because of this property, Ostarine is meant for those who have high metabolism and naturally lean bodies. To produce the muscle building effects of this drug, you have to buy SARMS at a dosage of 10 to 40mg.


Andarine, or S-4, on the other hand, is made for benign prostatic hypertrophy. It effectively reduces the enlargement of prostate without affecting your muscle mass or producing unwanted side effects such as gynecomastia (enlargement of breast tissue in men). Similar to Ostarine, S-4 is also capable of building muscle mass and at the same time, it decreases the amount of fat in the body. Andarine is for people who wanted to cut their fat without losing the muscle. Recommended dosage is 30-100 mg to effectively create muscle.

How to Use SARMS Effectively

Since SARMS is capable of targeting specific muscle building blocks in the body, it is better that you learn the correct dosage for your body type. There are four types of uses of SARMS, namely bulking, cutting, strength, and recomp.

Bulking: If you wanted to gain more muscle, better use Ostarine at doses of 25 mg for 4 to 8 weeks. This will produce about three kilograms of muscle in 8-weeks time.

Cutting: If you wanted to cut body fat without shedding the muscle, a 50 mg dose of Andarine should be taken for 4-8 weeks. It will effectively show fat burning effects because Andarine has a greater binding to the receptor compared to Ostarine.

Strength: Body fat and muscle mass is not your issue, but instead you wanted to gain strength. Again, you should use Andarine at doses of 50 mg for 4 to 8 weeks.

Recomp: For those who are just starting in bodybuilding, they want to gain muscle and lose fat. A combination of Ostarine and Andarine should be taken at doses of 12.5-25 mg for 4 to 8 weeks.

With these advantages of SARMS, it is considered to be the Holy Grail of bodybuilding. Every man’s dream of a well-toned body will definitely come true if they buy SARMS.