Apple has launched the new Apple Watch Series 5 at its Special Event in steve jobs theater on September 10 and as expected, it features a few of latest changes underneath the hood. The most notable addition is the new Always-On Retina display that will show the time and other data without the need to tap the display. 

apple watch series 5 design

Apple Watch Series 5: Price and availability

GPS Model : $399 (Available- September 20th)
GPS + Cellular Model : $499 (Available- September 20th)

In India:

GPS Model : ₹40,900 (Available- September 27th)
GPS + Cellular Model : ₹49,900 (Available- September 27th)

Apple Watch Series 5 Availability:

The aluminum models comes in silver,anodized space gray and gold. The cases are made from 100% Recycled Aluminum. Stainless Steel models comes in gold, space black and polish. Ceramic models is available in brilliant white color. The all new Titanium models are available in natural brush titanium and brush space black.

apple watch series 5 color variants

Apple Watch Series 5: Overview

Display : 1.78″ LTPO OLED (448 X 368)
Processor  : Apple S5
Compatibility : iOS
OS (Operating System) : WatchOS 6
Battery Life : 18 hours
Storage : 32 GB
Charging Method : Wireless
IP Rating : Water-resistant upto 50m 

Apple Watch Series 5: Display 

As mentioned above the Apple watch series 5 features a Always-On Retina display which are basically known for draining some additional battery, but still it is able to deliver a 18 hour battery life like its predecessor.

apple watch series 5 display

This is possible due to the LTPO (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) OLED Panel that utilizes a blend of different thin-film transistors. It allows the watch to have more granular control over display features like refresh rate, by which the display is able to refresh dynamically from as high as 60 Hz to as low as 1 Hz, which is extremely power efficeint.

There is also a new low power diplay driver, an ultra-efficient power management integrated circuit and Ambient light sensor which works together seamlessly to deliver an extraordinary interface.

Apple Watch Series 5: Health research study

The Apple Watch Series 5 introduces the 3 new Health Research study which includes Hearing Study, Women’s Health Study and Heart & Movement Study.

Apple Hearing Study

This study analysis the sound level in your environment, by which it notifies you “how your daily sound exposure impacts your long-term hearing health”.

Apple Women’s Health Study

In this study, the new cycle tracking feature is been used to analyse the menstrual cycle and the problems related to it. It will inform about the screening and risk assessment of conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome, infertility, osteoporosis, pregnancy and the menopausal transition.

Apple Women's Health Study

Apple Heart & Movement Study

This study analysis how heart rate and mobility signals such as walking pace and climbing flights of stairs — collected from the Apple Watch — will relate to CV health, hospitalizations, falls and quality of life.

Apple Watch Series 5: Features

Some of the new features in series 5 are:

  • Built-in Compass: Here with the updated maps app, you’ll be able to see which way you are facing just like on your iphone. There is even a new compass app which allows you to see not only where you heading but also your latitude, longitude, current elevation and incline.
  • Emergency SOS: With Series 5 every cellular model has International Emergency Calling, so you can emergency Services in over 150 countries around the world. You can activate the feature just by pressing and holding down the side button, even without your iphone.  








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