This year, Dell came up with three mind-boggling concept devices to CES, including the Alienware Concept UFO. Concept UFO, at first glance, seems like the other popular hand-held gaming device, until you take a closer look. It’s a full Windows 10 gaming PC, shrunken down into a form factor very similar to a Nintendo Switch, with detachable controllers and a dock to hook it up to a TV or monitor.

Alienware Concept UFO: Design

The Concept UFO consists of 4 pieces:

  • There’s a main “head” unit, which has an eight-inch display (1200p), the battery, and all the processing and graphic hardware.
  • There are 2 controllers, which attach through an enjoyably solid magnetic rail system.
  • There’s a “hub” unit that’s almost like the Joy-Con controller grip, which allows the 2 separate controller halves to combine into a single controller for playing either on the main “head” unit or on a connected monitor.

The main body of Concept UFO features a kickstand at the rear which can be used to prop the device as you play on a table-top. USB-C ports are located on both the top and bottom of the Concept UFO, which can be used to both- charge the device and connect it to an external monitor. You can also use those ports to attach a mouse and keyboard to be used as an everyday PC.

alienware concept ufo

The entire thing weighs a little less than two pounds, which is more than 3 times what the Switch weighs. The whole thing looks very Alienware-y, with white plastic, hexagon accents, and sharp angles everywhere. Unfortunately, the Dell representatives refused to share any specifics around the hardware, citing the concept nature of the device.

Alienware Concept UFO: Performance

The Concept UFO runs on an Intel 10th generation processor. We were told that the Concept UFO was running a full-blown version of Windows 10, and thus, supported Steam, Origin, Epic launcher etc. A really portable Windows gaming PC, though, could offer an equivalent library of games that a regular gaming laptop or computer could, which is an intriguing concept.

The visually of Halo: Reach, a part of the Halo: Master Chief Collection were really good. The game runs butter smooth through a multitude of fire fights and while the controls surprisingly takes a little time getting used to.

alienware concept ufo

There’s no confirmation that Alienware will ever turn Concept UFO into an actual product. Right now, the prototype is simply that: a prototype. But even during this early stage, it’s a bold vision of what the longer term of PC gaming could in the future look like.

Alienware Concept UFO: Price and availability

As this is just a concept we don’t know how much it will cost. We honestly wouldn’t be surprised if you’d have to pay a pretty penny for the Concept UFO, as it is packed with RGB lighting and sophisticated PC hardware.


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