Online resources for Disaster Education

Natural hazards like Earth Quakes,Tsunami,Flood,Tornado,Avalanches,volcanic eruptions,Cyclonic Storms etc can not be stopped but by adopting some measures we can reduce the loss to great extent.
People must be aware what they should do in case of disasters.Awareness can be created by educating them.

EarthQuake Waves

EarthQuake Waves

There are various Online resources available to educate .

1) Stop Disaster Game  - This is a simulation game from UNISDR.UNISDR is the secretariat of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR). It was created in December 1999 and is part of the UN Secretariat with the purpose of ensuring the implementation of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction.
You can play various type of Online games for different natural disasters.

Earth Quake Games

Earth Quake Games

2) There is another simulation game from Discovery at below link

3) Inside Disaster simulates The Haiti Earthquake that jolted Haiti on Januray 12,2010.Simulation has been done from three perspective- Survivor,Journalist and Aid Worker.

4) Earth Quake 3D Simulation explain in easy way how does an Earth quake occurs.You can increase the intensity of the earth quake .Besides this you can create waves to see the impact on different type of ground structures.

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