Internet is the perfect blend of technology and democracy

Freedom of internet

Freedom of internet

Recently there was lots of furore over Internet Freedom. This all started when Indian Government demanded that content distributed over internet (particularly Facebook, Twitter and Google) should be censored. Indirectly government wanted to keep vigil on everything that is against government and suppress the people’s voice. This is not new for the internet but in India it was for the first time that Government targeted Social Media websites. In past we have seen that China has imposed many restrictions on internet. In India internet was enjoying the freedom. But after the famous Anna movement against corruption Indian Government came into action and forgot the basic tenets of democracy.

The role played by Social Media and Micro blogging sites in recent times is unparralled.No one has ever imagined that technology can mobilise people on such a large scale. Technology was never been used to mobilize people on such a large scale all around the world. Anna Movement, Occupy Wall Street and Arab spring exhibited the power of internet. Though Newspapers, Televisions and Radio made some difference but they were not truly democratic. Content over these mediums was always censored and is published at the behest of government. Those mediums were simply one sided. Readers were just to get information, advertisements and biased opinions. Older medium of communication were used and still being used as advertising medium for governments.

There is no doubt that internet is the perfect blend of technology and democracy. There are many democratic governments in the world but we cannot say that they are adhering principles of democracy. Peoples aspirations is beings crushed openly or in disguise. The way Internet has empowered common man and given a voice to raise protest is great. Citizen journalism ,Twitter, Blogging and Facebook has surely given a voice to common man.Internet is the platform where everybody can express their views while in so called democratic nation only selected one have this privilege.

Internet is going to fight a war with politician’s in coming days for its freedom and sovereignty. Respective government will try to arm twist the internet by making laws within laws in disguise of national security and public interests internet should be ready for such fight.



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  1. orkut says:

    The title is so apt. couldn’t agree more with you on this. The government may try to block what people can view on these sites but they cant block our thinking and our minds. Infact this move by the govt. would prove to be counterproductive for them and would incite even greater (in Sibal’s terms) “objectionable” content from the netizens as it is almost equivalent to crushing a democracy…Great article.

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