How to use Pinterest and Create Board

Pinterest is another big thing going to happen in Social Media.Rightnow it is growing very fast and being used as Social Media tool like Facebook pages.Twitter and Google Plus is being used.
“Pinterest is a virtual online pinboard “ according to Pinterest.
One of the important aspect of Pinterest is its pictorial way to showcase the information.

How to use Pinterest

1. Create account on pinterest .Right Now it is not open  for everyone.You need an invitation.
Comment on the post if you need invitation or you can get from this link
2. After account creation login into Your Pineterst account. You can login from your facebook/twitter account also.
3. Now you need to understand some jargon of Pinterest. There are Board.Board is like a category under which you keep your favourite items that you came across while browsing.

4. By Default there are some Boards created by Pinterest when you create your account like For the Home,Product i like etc.
To create your own Board you need to follow below steps

5. Create a Board : Step 1. Click Add button.
Step 2 : Click Create a board link
Step 3 : Enter all the fields
Start using Pinterest.

6.Add a Pin/Upload a Pin : Step 1 : Click Add Link
Step 2 : Click Add a Pin link
Step 3 : Enter URL of the website  and Click Find Images.
Step 4. Choose Board name under which this Pin is to be created.
Step 5: Enter Description

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4 Responses to How to use Pinterest and Create Board

  1. Dallia says:

    Thanks for the step-by-step outline. I’ve been scouring the internet for anything that I can find about Pinterest. I’ve signed up for an invite on the Pinterest site, but everything I’ve heard in my web travels indicates that it could be a while. I could use an invite, if you’re willing. LOL, I think I’m being kind of obsessive since it’s only an SN site, but it looks awesome and I guess I’m susceptible their marketing strategy. :)

  2. Dallia says:

    Thank you! That was quick. I really appreciate you generosity. I kinda didn’t expect anything and just wanted to be friendly. Most places *I’ve* been, people don’t seem terribly eager to give these things out.

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