Custom Lanyards from Threads to Hooks

Lanyard comes from linier, a French word meaning strap. In history, this piece of cord has been used in the military. Pistol holders and whistles of soldiers are carried through wearing lanyard. They also used it in ships to hold their weapons in place. Braided lanyards can also denote ranks and achievements of officers. They are color coded and attached to a designated side of a soldier’s uniform.

Custom lanyards are trending in this generation. Now, these laces are still used by people to hold important items, but in a Custom Lanyardsfancier and more visually appealing manner. The corporate world has these lanyards as part of organizations because of their indispensable uses. Employees wear their IDs attached to these cords. Car owners do not need to worry about losing their car keys because they can use these to keep their keys in place. Event organizers can easily determine guests among their own staff just by checking these fabrics emblazoned with the event name or their logos. Identity is the best department taken care of by using these colorful adornments. People are identified and the message in their lanyards reaches the eyes of many. Thus, lanyards must be crafted skillfully so that the individuality they represent are conveyed correctly.

We are offering several types of custom lanyards. They vary aesthetically not only in design, but also in other aspects. Firstly, we have polyester lanyards that others also refer to as flat lanyards. They are comfortable to use and the design imprints are distinctively seen on the fabric. If you have budget considerations, we have tubular lanyards for your target amount. They Lanyards-hookare economically tube-stitched polyester twill fabric, similar with the process of crafting shoelaces. Woven lanyards are offered for the more elegant and classy types. Similar to embroidery, it is suggested for simple logos so that words can be seen and read with clarity.

Similar with silkscreen printing, nylon lanyards deliver smooth finish. High quality nylon is used to create these beautiful, shiny and smooth imprints. For a more durable and secure lanyard that can withstand various environments, we also have the dye sublimated lanyards in our belts. You will never worry on design chipping away nor fading because these are made to endure time. The latest additions are the cord lanyards. Messages, prints and design are visible and they are comfortable to wear.

Lanyards will never be complete without their better half, the attachments. They are also important because you can’t expect your lanyards to perform their functions without them. The variety of free and paid adornments we have range from key ring for key holders, swivel j, carabiner, oval, plastic and thumb hook for ID holders and cellphone loop for mobile devices. Optional accessories can be availed in addition to the standard attachments of each lanyard types. They may be metal or plastic depending on the requirement.

Individuals have different taste and style. Some like blue, some fancy yellow. Others like sturdy metal attachments, while a few favors plastic accessories. With everybody’s uniqueness, we are providing a builder that can be controlled by the clients for them to custom built their lanyards following their sense of fashion, aesthetics, color mixes and material choice.

They will guide us on how to create the best lanyard that will suit their needs. They will be delighted to choose the fabric, the color, each and every word of their hearts’ desire.

However, to assure that each of their choices can materialize in reality, we will set some limits as to our own capacity such as the minimum order, the number of color choices, the width and the length. Also, it is crucial to note that images may differ due to personal PC or monitor settings. For better color options, we have our full library of Pantone color swatches to guide clients.

Custom lanyards are not only fanciful and fashionable. It is crucial to craft them skillfully. We use high grade materials to assure that our creations can stand the test of time, being able to surpass quality standards. We use the latest advancements in technology to offer them one of a kind service. Color matching is for free so that the most suitable colors are to be used for the orders made. Our processes are tailored near perfection for us to meet customer demands and expectations in a timely manner. We give options that are plausible but extraordinary. With these, clients may ask free quotes, to see not just the prices of our work, but also dedication we like to offer for them to get the best of what they are willing to pay for.

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